Our olive oil

Romans have always pictured vines as being inseparable from olive trees, their climatic limit marking the border with the uncivilized world.

How we make it

From that point on, regardless of the circumstances, partnership between the two plants has always been a sign of sophistication. Therefore, olive oil - used as an anointing for baptism – and wine – used to wet the newborn baby’s lips – guided young children into the spiritual and social life.

In Mediterranean countries, wine o’clock always calls for olives.

Whether vines are planted with or surrounded by olive trees, this companionship is still part of our landscape. One of the most visible expressions of this is found in Occitan (language of the South of France), where some olives include the name “rasin” and some grapes are called “olivetas”.

By the ethnologist Christiane Amiel,

An excerpt from “La Vigne en Languedoc-Roussilon, Parcours Paysagers" - Editions CARDABELLE

Our wines
Huile d'olive
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