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The wines

wine Cascaille AOP Languedoc - White A term borrowed from the Occitan language of the South of France that sounds like an onomatopoeia, echoing the ploughing of the land with the rocks resonating beneath our feet. And in a figurative sense, it sounds like old men blabbing (= who “cascaille”) about passersby in the shade of the emblematic plane trees that grow in the region. We have been making this beautiful white wine for quite some time now. In just a few years, this cuvée, under the influence of each and every one of us, ripened into sheer pleasure: whether it be the work put into making it or the pleasure of tasting it. The fortuitous combination of the seven grape varietals that make this wine doesn’t come as a surprise. Read more
wine Mescladis AOP Pic Saint Loup - Rosé The natural color of this rosé reveals its heady nature. The wine’s pretty Occitan name reminds us of noisy mornings when everybody is getting ready for work and someone puts their hands up in the air screaming “mescladis!”, what a racket! It also means mixing or blending. A blend of fruit, acidity and tension true to the fleshy and rich grapes used to make this promising rosy wine. Read more
Rosé à rougir
wine Rosé à Rougir Vin de Pays d’Hérault - Rosé A rosé made the way Pierre used to make rosé 30 years ago. We employ the saignée method using beautiful ripe grapes, which will then be used to craft the reds. This atypical rosé is off the beaten tracks yet easily finds faithful followers. Only 2000 bottles are made per year. Read more
wine Le Mas AOP Languedoc - Red "Le Mas" is our gateway cuvée. The kind of wine you drink with friends while cooking for them: a thirst quencher full of crisp fruit. Read more
Le Mas
Les Garrigues
wine Les Garrigues AOP Languedoc - Red The "back to the roots" wine, made of Syrah, Carignan and Grenache grapes in concrete vats. A “made in Languedoc” wine, unpretentious and frill-free but with a perfume of wild Garrigue and slightly rough tannins that give the wine enough texture to be enjoyed with food. Read more
wine Bonne Pioche AOP Pic Saint Loup - Red The clatter of the picks and shovels, the jangling of nails and the rumbling toolbox: maybe that’s what the label of this wine conveys… It also evokes the beautiful Saint-Jean-de-Cuculles terroir where the Syrah grapes deliver a delicate and supple wine that comforts you from the first sip on. With time, it becomes an intense and powerful wine: the rumor of rocks and the Garrigue light taking over the fruity fireworks of the beginning. Read more
Bonne Pioche
Copa Santa
wine Copa Santa AOP Languedoc - Red The famous Copa Santa! A Pierre Clavel wine… A bottled icon! Ever since the first vintage in 1992, this wine has never lost its recognition among aficionados. A high-end cuvée crafted in enough bottles to appease everyone. Up until 2016, Copa Santa was made with the grapes from La Méjanelle. As of 2017, the grapes have been coming from Montpeyroux. Read more
wine Des Clous AOP Languedoc Pic Saint Loup - Red At the beginning, this cuvée was in competition with Copa Santa. It wanted to be stronger and aged longer. This was the trend at the time, in the 2000s. But the wine changed with time, going for a certain refinement, even trying to be elegant. Everything changed not too long ago, in 2014. Estelle really helped the wine to expand. And today, airy and free but also intricate and outspoken, this wine brings out the beauty of the Pic Saint Loup terroir. But appearances are deceptive: this cuvée has kept its down-to-earth personality, but only if you don’t rush it. Read more
Des Clous
Huile d'olive
Our olive oil Vierge extra Romans have always pictured vines as being inseparable from olive trees, their climatic limit marking the border with the uncivilized world. Read more
Bonne Pioche
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