Des Clous

AOP Languedoc Pic Saint Loup

At the beginning, this cuvée was in competition with Copa Santa. It wanted to be stronger and aged longer. This was the trend at the time, in the 2000s. But the wine changed with time, going for a certain refinement, even trying to be elegant. Everything changed not too long ago, in 2014. Estelle really helped the wine to expand. And today, airy and free but also intricate and outspoken, this wine brings out the beauty of the Pic Saint Loup terroir. But appearances are deceptive: this cuvée has kept its down-to-earth personality, but only if you don’t rush it.

How we make it

  • Manual harvesting, grape-stomped, barreled, racked and bottled by gravity
  • Aged in oak barrels for 24 months

How we drink it

This is a wine with personality that requires premium partnership. Pork will have to be the old black pig breed Noir de Bigorre and be caramelized. Beef will have to be marbled and grilled with herbs. Rabbit will no doubt be slow-cooked with wild thyme. When it comes to venison, roe deer should be paired with cherries and wild boar should be slow-cooked with peppers and tomatoes, Basquaise-style. Be sure to wait a few years before opening this cuvee and these pairings will be “out of this world”.

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Des Clous
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