AOP Pic Saint Loup

The natural color of this rosé reveals its heady nature. The wine’s pretty Occitan name reminds us of noisy mornings when everybody is getting ready for work and someone puts their hands up in the air screaming “mescladis!”, what a racket! It also means mixing or blending. A blend of fruit, acidity and tension true to the fleshy and rich grapes used to make this promising rosy wine.

How we make it

  • Syrah and Grenache noir grapes with a hint of Mourvèdre
  • Aged 5 months in concrete vats on fine lees.

How we drink it

The acidity, the tension and the fruit of this rosé makes you hungry for artichokes and striped or red mullet. But this wine doesn’t disapprove of grilled sausages seasoned with wild herbs or hot pepper. And if you have a small leftover piece of goat’s cheese, go for it!

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