Bonne Pioche

AOP Pic Saint Loup

The clatter of the picks and shovels, the jangling of nails and the rumbling toolbox: maybe that’s what the label of this wine conveys… It also evokes the beautiful Saint-Jean-de-Cuculles terroir where the Syrah grapes deliver a delicate and supple wine that comforts you from the first sip on. With time, it becomes an intense and powerful wine: the rumor of rocks and the Garrigue light taking over the fruity fireworks of the beginning.

How we make it

  • A majority of Syrah grapes topped with Mourvèdre and Grenache noir
  • Manual harvesting
  • Aged 14 months in oak barrels and in concrete wine eggs

How we drink it

A wine with personality that can easily adapt to cuisines from all around the world. It is palette-blowing when in the company of Mediterranean dishes such as rabbit cooked in rosemary, duck with olives and grilled tuna belly. It goes well with more northern-style dishes such as pepper steak, rabbit with prunes and blood sausage served with apples.

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