The cellar

All things are in constant movement and it’s not a bad thing. That’s what life is all about! “Nowadays, Estelle is the one in charge of the cellar. She loves it and does such a fantastic job”. Our wines have evolved under her influence along with her strong commitment. She never gives up; it’s in her nature! And that is important for the team. Everyone counts on each other. It’s simply a matter of trust.  

The grape has to be matured. Afterwards, everything falls into place. A fun journey, yes, but one that requires a great deal of precision.

In the past few years, the vineyard has changed: the advent of new parcels and new terroirs has led to new ways of interpreting and domesticating the land and the fruit of our labor.

Tasting at every stage of the vinification tells me if I’m on the right path. But above all, tasting the fresh juices and the must is what guides my work. It is more about listening to the grapes and the terroir than a set course of actions to be taken to reach a goal. I love vinification. I find it energetic and alive. I love the excitement when the cellar fills up with grapes from the harvest. It makes me burst with impatience.

Working in the cellar is a bit of a juggling act, with changes every year depending on the quality and quantity of the harvest. Aging wine in barrels requires constant monitoring yet with very little intervention. Wines need to come to fruition…

La cave
La Cave
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