Our lives

Domaine Clavel

It’s hard to know when things started or when we decided to make wine for the first time. We’re guessing it must have always been there, deeply rooted inside of us. Some people call it destiny, true fate: an infinite beam of memories, experiences, encounters, desires that intertwine over time and make you realize that for some time… you’ve been making wine! The Clavel example is no exception to the rule.

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Vigne et Chien - n&b

The importance of the soil

The terroirs

“The vineyards are different than they were at the beginning. Nothing original here: life made them that way. And it suits us. Estelle and I are always seeking different ways of expression, new sensations and passions”. Change and expansion have shaped the landscape, which has evolved with their different projects, along with feelings, discoveries and the will to ensure their sons’ futures. Nothing is stable, nothing is permanent. Maybe this is what winemaking is all about! Estelle and Pierre love this perpetual motion, a sign of progression and evolution with a connection to the earth and the vine that grows on it. The limestone soil, which they find tough yet soft, is their connection.

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La Cave

From the fruit to the bottle

The cellar

All things are in constant movement and it’s not a bad thing. That’s what life is all about! “Nowadays, Estelle is the one in charge of the cellar. She loves it and does such a fantastic job”. Our wines have evolved under her influence along with her strong commitment. She never gives up; it’s in her nature! And that is important for the team. Everyone counts on each other. It’s simply a matter of trust.

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Bonne Pioche

Simple and coherent

The wines

The Clavel’s have always cultivated a taste for the essence of the land. The wines are in sync with nature. This involves observation and the analysis of what nature can provide and when it can provide it. There is no irrigation, no intervention in the cellar and harvesting is done in bins. Each cuvee is bottled in one shot, depending on when it’s optimal. It’s simple and coherent!

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Pic Saint Loup n&b

Domaine Clavel


Mas de Perié
Route Sainte Croix de Quintillargues
34820 Assas

+ 33 (0)4 99 62 06 13


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Estelle et Pierre Clavel

Pic Saint Loup

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